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Friday, May 29, 2009

Borrow Lenses?! No way!

We all have had that desire to shoot with that L lens without the serious commitment. Okay, maybe not all of us, but if you shoot cannon and you love taking photos you've probably experienced some glass envy in the past. I came across this site awhile back, thanks to my buddy Nate Berkheimer. Borrow lenses allows you to rent lenses and accessories at a very good rate for a designated amount of time. I have used it in the past to test out glass that I was considering buying and also to expand my gear for big jobs. I highly recommend these guys!


  1. Nice that you can rent a lens to try out. I have my eye on the Canon 28-105 L and the Tokina 12-24mm. Good to see another Canonite. The people I photo-shoot with are Nikonians.

  2. Not all of them Dusty :) Do you have a link to the site Jessica?

  3. I too would like a link to this site, Jessica. Oh and by the way it's an honor to be one of your initial followers.